SINOTRUK HOWO A7 Dump Truck To Philippines

March 7, 2022

Latest company news about SINOTRUK HOWO A7 Dump Truck To Philippines


SINOTRUK HOWO A7 dump truck is very popular in Philippines, it’s most used for mining site. Every year around 10,000 units SINOTRUK trucks into Philippines service for the different work. The customers before consult with local 4S shop about the price, but it’s expensive. And he let his China friend help him bought SINOTRUK HOWO A7 dump truck from us directly.


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This dump truck will work for the sand transportation, and we commend the local suitable specification to customers. Like 12.00R20 radial tire, with mining model pattern. Intercooler protect cover and water spray system. The water spray system can reduce the brake drum temperature, improving the brake safety. See picture.


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Why Buy Truck From An Agent, Not A Factory ?


Many people think that I will save a lot of money by buying the truck directly from the factory and bypassing the agent, but this is wrong. Why is this? The reasons are as follows:


1. Selling Price:


Just imagine, if I buy 1000 trucks, and you buy 1 truck, will the price be different? As a factory agent, there is a sales target every year, and the factory will give certain rewards to the agents according to the completion of the task. Therefore, the agents will make the price very low to achieve the sales target. The factory will not give you a lower price than agent, offend the agent.


2. Languages Issue:


As we all know, the factory lacks staff who can speak English, French and other languages to directly connect with foreign customers. This is also the reason why there are agents, so the factory outsources its export business to professional agents who can speak english or other languages to engage in sales activities.


3. After Sales Service:


It is well known that the after-sales capability of the factory is very poor. However, the agent has special personnel to directly connect with the after-sales department of the factory, and the agent can easily bring abundant orders to the factory every year. The factory attaches great importance to the after-sales problems reported by the agent, and will respond quickly and solve the problem!