How Can I Get A Good Condition Used Truck ?

April 2, 2022

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It's impossible to get a good condition used truck ! Why ?



-1. Fake Year Of Manufacture:


A. China used truck the real year of manufacture is 2008 to 2013 !

Because the emissions of vehicles in these years are not up to standard, they are no longer allowed to go on the road, all trucks handle with very cheap price.


B. Due to used trucks after 2013 are very expensive, so many people modifying the production year on the nameplate of the used truck.


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This is from our potential customers, the supplier use new nameplate to cover old nameplate. Told customers is 2018 year truck.


-2. Fake Mileage:


As you know, the truck mileage can adjust. No matter how many mileage of used truck you want, all can adjust. Think about it, China is a very big country. How is it possible that a 2014 year or 2016 year truck only 10,000 kilometers ?


Here is original mileage data for a dump truck


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This is after adjust mileage picture


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-3. Poor Quality Of Used Truck:


A. Maybe someone will tell you that my used trucks are all refurbished, all parts checked and no problems. If he did, the price would naturally be high. Actually he just cleaned the cab and repainted it the color you want. . .


B. Because the engine emission standard of these truck is EURO II, they are no longer allowed on the road in China. Now the emission standard of Chinese trucks is EURO VI. These trucks are forcibly scrapped, no one maintenance these truck.


C. These used trucks are now ten years old, and many of the rubber parts have cracked and aged. And the wires are easy to short-circuit and cause a fire accident.


D. The working environment of many trucks is very harsh. The chassis parts of some vehicles, such as brake pads, brake drums, differentials, and push rod, have to replace new ones, but in order to reduce costs, many people will not replace new spare parts for trucks.


E. Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and other countries driving hand is right hand, but in China, we are left hand. So there are no right hand used truck in China, only change the cabin. The used truck factory will not use the original parts, avoid the high cost. So the quality you can image. Maybe you are confused why the new truck driving direction is right hand ? Cause new truck is customized, we can produce it according to your request.



F. The source of the used truck is unknown, the used truck may be a flooded truck, an accident truck, etc.


G. The engine of the used truck is different from the engine of the new truck. The engine model of the used truck is WD615.96E, 375HP, and the new truck is WD615.47, 371HP. There are many parts that are different, and it is very troublesome to maintain ! Of course, the 375HP logo will also be changed to 371HP.


H. Most of important, once found one issue of used trucks, more problems will arise. You're always repairing trucks instead of making money !


Now I have encountered many customers complaining to me that the quality of used SINOTRUK trucks is not good, via this article I want to customers realize that used trucks really can't buy !!!