Common Problems and Solutions Of The Dump Semi Trailer

June 12, 2020

Latest company news about Common Problems and Solutions Of The Dump Semi Trailer

TRUCKMAN AUTO brand dump semi trailers are suitable for the transportation of bulk goods such as coal, ore, and building materials. Dump semi trailers can be divided into two categories according to their use: One category is heavy-duty and super-heavy dump trucks used for off-road transportation. They are mainly used for large-scale mining and engineering transportation tasks, and are usually used in conjunction with excavators. Another type of light, medium, and ordinary dump trucks for road transportation is mainly responsible for the transportation of loose goods such as sand, gravel, coal, etc. It is usually used in conjunction with a loader.


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Let's take a look at the common problems and solutions of the dump semi trailer after dumping the goods:


1. Why does the cabin descend when the instrument panel's lift switch is pressed, and when the dashboard's descend switch is pressed, the cabin lifts?


This is caused by the reverse connection of the solenoid valve that controls the lifting and lowering. There are three methods to eliminate:

Swap the wires of the lifting and lowering switches on the instrument panel; Swap the wires of the solenoid valve that controls the lifting and lowering; Swap the two air pipes of the distribution valve.


2. Dump semi trailer does not lift?


The following parts should be investigated for dump trucks without lifting. Check the power take-off: first see if the drive shaft connected to the oil pump rotates, if it does not turn, it means that there is a problem with this part of the power take-off (the solenoid valve of the power take-off or the power take-off itself has a problem); if it rotates, it means the power take-off There is no problem with the device, you should investigate further.


Check the oil pump:

Whether the rotation direction of the oil pump is correct. Extend the left hand, the thumb is facing the spline of the oil pump, and the rotation direction of the remaining fingers is the same, it is the left-handed pump, otherwise it is the right-handed pump. Whether the oil pump is damaged. Wear of the oil pump will cause the high and low pressure chambers of the oil pump to communicate and fail to pump oil.


Check the distribution valve:
Check whether there is gas in the air pipe on the distribution valve. Press the lift and down switches to check whether the two trachea on the distribution valve have air. If there is no gas, it means that the solenoid valve that controls the lifting and lowering is faulty, and the solenoid valve should be replaced. Is the distribution valve damaged?


3. Is the lifting speed of the car box adjustable, and is it a malfunction that the automatic descent is faster?


The lifting speed is not adjustable. Falling too fast is a malfunction.


4. What are the important hydraulic components of the hydraulic lifting system and what role do they play?


Oil pump-oil supply; one-way valve-controls the flow of oil; distribution valve (rotary valve)-controls the lifting and lowering of the tank; oil cylinder-generates thrust.


5. How to solve the climbing problem during lifting?


Sometimes during the lifting of the car, climbing phenomenon will occur. This phenomenon is mostly caused by the intake air in the hydraulic system and the cylinder filled with oil and gas mixture.


6. Why does the gear pump have "beating" phenomenon? How to exclude?


Sometimes when the power take-off takes power, the gear pump makes a rapid "click, click... sound", which is mostly caused by the insufficient oil intake of the oil pump. This phenomenon occurs in the new car, which may be caused by the intake pipe of the oil pump being too thin or the intake pipe is deflated. The intake pipe should be thickened, and the intake pipe with high strength and hardness (with steel wire in the oil pipe) should be used; It may be that the aging of the oil inlet pipe is deflated, or the filter of the oil outlet of the oil storage tank is blocked, causing poor oil intake. If all possibilities have been eliminated, then the oil pump can only be damaged, and the oil pump should be replaced in time.


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