4 Units 6 Axle Dump Trailer Ready To Shipment

November 26, 2020

Latest company news about 4 Units 6 Axle Dump Trailer Ready To Shipment

6 axle dump trailer today finished production will delivery to West Africa, the dump trailer will used for transit the mining material, such as bauxite, coal, manganese ore etc.


latest company news about 4 Units 6 Axle Dump Trailer Ready To Shipment  0


Due to local national load restrictions, each axle must not exceed 10 tons. So when pulling 60 tons of cargo, 6 axles are needed. In addition, considering that the dump semi-trailer sometimes only pulls 30 tons, the front 3 axles are design the lifting type (air suspension), which saves fuel and improves economic efficiency.


In addition, the dump truck pulls more goods, the road conditions are not good, and the local weather is hot. We choose tubeless tires for our dump semi trailer, and install a water tank in front of the dump semi trailer. Effectively avoid the tire explosion.


We also added some other configurations to the dump truck, such as rear door buffers, mudguards, stronger hooks etc. The design of these small details increases the service life of the dump trailer and creates greater economic benefits for customers.


Main Advantage Of TRUCKMAN AUTO 6 Axle Dump Trailer.


1. The loading area is very import for cargo loading, so the thickness of trailer chassis very important. Such as the main beam, side beam, leaf spring etc, so we adopt the 120mmx16mm thickness left spring for our TRUCKMAN AUTO dump trailer. Also the trailer chassis material adopt the Q345B manganese plate, the main beam material thickness reach to 18/8+8/20mm.


2. Cargo box also the main parts for the dump trailer. In order to make it more stronger, we use the manganese plate for cargo box material and also put four pcs pulling rod into cargo box. The cargo box welding by automatic, full welding.


3. Add the small design for the dump trailer with low cost, such as the rear door buffers, mudguards, stronger hooks, water tank extend trailer service life.


Here are our TRUCKMAN AUTO 6 axle dump trailer video for your review.