3 Axle Fence Semi Trailer Delivery To Senegal

February 11, 2022

Latest company news about 3 Axle Fence Semi Trailer Delivery To Senegal

A Senegalese customer inquired about the 3 axle fence semi trailer in September

last year, but the customer delay the purchase plan because the freight cost was

too expensive. Ask again for prices in December. Our freight forwarder said that the

freight is currently on a downward trend, so we told the customer to negotiate the

FOB price first, and after the fence semi trailer finished production, the freight depends

on the actual price. The client agreed with our advice, and now the shipping price has

really come down. Save money for the customer, the customer is very happy.


The axle brand customers would like to use the BPW brand, cause he said there are

have BPW after sales service center at Dakar city and he know BPW brand axle quality

is very durable. The BPW brand axle from Germany, advantage of BPW axle as follow:


-1. Long maintenance cycle, save trouble.


-2. The axles are light in weight, the trailer runs effortlessly, and the stability is reliable.


-3. The braking system has good heat dissipation, high temperature resistance

and reliable braking performance.


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In addition, considering that customers need to transport daily necessities from

Dakar city to Bamako city, Mali, there are few gas stations on the way. So we installed

a 600L fuel tank under the fence semi trailer and installed an anti-theft device.

This fuel tank is made of carbon steel, which is resistant to bumps and corrosion.


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How To Maintenance Fence Semi Trailer Axle ?


-1. Before running the trailer, check whether the external connecting bolts of the

axle are loose, whether the axle is leaking oil, whether the wheel hub and the

reducer assembly are abnormal, etc.


-2. Mandatory maintenance of axles:

A: Compulsory maintenance should be carried out between 3000-5000km of

trailer driving, depending on the working conditions.

B: The first maintenance includes: changing lubricating oil, gear oil, checking

the toe-in of the front axle, adjusting the brake clearance, etc., checking the fasteners, etc.


-3. Regular maintenance of axles:

A: Regular maintenance is performed every 10,000km after the first maintenance.

B: The contents of regular maintenance include: replacing the lubricating oil,

tightening the fasteners, checking the toe-in, checking the wear degree of the

brake pads, if the wear limit is reached, it should be replaced in time and the brake

clearance should be adjusted, and the reducer assembly should be checked. ,

and whether the gap between the main driven gear and the passive gear is too large,

whether the gear oil exceeds the use efficiency, if there is a similar situation, the

gap should be adjusted and the grease should be replaced in time.