• 35 Cbm Oil Truck Tanker , Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer  For Diesel And Petrol
  • 35 Cbm Oil Truck Tanker , Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer  For Diesel And Petrol
  • 35 Cbm Oil Truck Tanker , Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer  For Diesel And Petrol
  • 35 Cbm Oil Truck Tanker , Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer  For Diesel And Petrol
35 Cbm Oil Truck Tanker , Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer  For Diesel And Petrol

35 Cbm Oil Truck Tanker , Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer For Diesel And Petrol

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: TRUCKMAN
Model Number: TMA340TWT110OT

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Price: Price is negotiable
Packaging Details: Naked
Delivery Time: 30 Days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 300 Units Per Month
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Detail Information

Tank Volume: 35 CBM Material: Carbon Steel
Axles: ZY Brand Tires: 12R22.5 China Brand
Compartments: 3-5 Color: Option
High Light:

fuel tanker semi trailer


gasoline tank trailer

Product Description

35 Cbm Oil Truck Tanker , Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer For Diesel And Petrol



What is Oil Tank Trailer?

Oil transport semi-trailers are mainly used for large-scale oil transportation, and the tonnage is generally about 40 ~ 60 cubic meters. Oil transport semi-trailers usually include: two-axle semi-trailers and three-axle semi-trailers. The oil tanker semi-trailer square tank body is made of Q235A steel plate. The tank body has built-in multiple reinforced wave-proof bulkhead plates. The bottom end of the bulkhead has through holes to reduce the impact of the oil in the tank body and increase the tank strength . The combined tank mouth is located on the top of the tank body, and there is a self-locking small cover on the large cover. A breathing valve is installed on the upper side of the large cover to ensure that the atmospheric pressure inside and outside the tank is consistent; it has an electrostatic ground wire. Install pump oil system, take power from transmission side through power take-off, self-priming and self-discharging; with two pumping oil pipes, equipped with quick-fit joint, suction distance 6 meters. Two fire extinguishers and special tools. The oil transport semi-trailer is divided into two parts, the oil tank body and the skeleton or bracket that supports the tank body.



35 Cbm China Oil Tanker Semi Trailer 3-5 Compartments For Diesel And Petrol

Model No. TMA340TWT110OT
Axles FUWA 13T*3
Tires 12.00R20 12+1 pcs
Main Beam Upper 10mm Middle 8mm Lower 12mm
Landing Gear JOST E100
Kingpin JOST 90#
Tank Volume 35 CBM,3 Compartments
Brakes Air Brakes With Wabco
Electrics 24V
Bottom Valve 1 Set
Mainholes 3 sets
Discharge mouth 3 sets with pump

35 Cbm Oil Truck Tanker , Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer  For Diesel And Petrol 0

Maintenance Tips

Faults and maintenance methods:

1. Inadequate braking and slow braking. Reasons: The gap between the brake shoe friction pads and the brake drum is too large. Adjust the clearance. The brake shoe friction pads are excessively worn. Replace the brake shoe wiper air chamber. Replace the air leak of the air brake system of the air chamber to reduce the pressure. Check the leaking part. Repair or replace the parts. The emergency relay valve is not working well. Replace

2. The brake cannot be released. The brake is slow to release the brake. The air brake system pressure is increased to the specified value. The brake return spring is damaged, the spring pipe is blocked, the emergency relay valve or quick release valve is not working properly. Check and replace the brake cylinder push rod stroke. Reasons for tire swing: loose wheel nut, tightening axle bearing sintering, damage, replacement bearing axle bending, correction, replacement axle bearing gap is too large, properly tighten bearing lock nut, replace bearing grease on time, replace axle bearing; tire is too uneven The verticality of the axis of the axle and the centerline of the frame is too serious. Adjust the distance between the two ends of the axle and the traction pin as much as possible. Moving too much resistance reasons: poor lubrication, grease supplemental bearing damage, replacement of bearings or eccentric gears badly worn, replacement parts exploded check screw thread damage, replacement of the screw.


Other China Chemical liquid Tanker Trailer?

Chemical liquid transport semi-trailers have different requirements for tank material depending on the characteristics of the medium being transported. Common chemical tank materials are: stainless steel (202, 304, 316L) carbon steel, plastic steel (plastic lined tanks), glass steel, aluminum cans, all plastic cans (polyethylene, polypropylene), etc. Polyethylene is the main raw material formulation process. It is formed into all-plastic and plastic-steel products at one time. It has no joints, no leakage, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, impact resistance, non-toxicity, long life, and low cost. Storage, transportation, reaction, agitation of acid, alkali, salt, alcohol, aldehyde, wastewater, gas treatment. Steel straps are mostly used to fix the car chassis as a transport tank. Widely used in chemical, metallurgy, environmental protection, brewing, food, pharmaceutical, storage and transportation enterprises. The full plastic tank series uses polypropylene as the main raw material process. The 20MM thick polypropylene plate is welded by a double-sided special process. The middle of the tank is reinforced with multiple wave-proof plates, which has a higher temperature resistance than polyethylene tanks (<60 ℃). Propylene <85 ° C). Plastic-steel composite tank series (plastic-lined tank): Steel-plastic composite anti-corrosion series products are made of modified PE on the inner wall of the steel tank through a steel mesh transition structure at one time. It has the characteristics of PE corrosion resistance and metal strength. Operating temperature:- 20 ℃ ~ 70 ℃ Products include pressure tanks, large storage and transportation tanks, reaction kettles, ion exchange columns, chemical towers, pipeline valves, etc., which are widely used in storage and reaction and transportation tanks in the chemical industry. Carbon steel tank series: detailed anticorrosive paint treatment inside and outside, suitable for various non-corrosive chemical liquid transportation. Operating temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, the applicable range is relatively small (concentration> 97% of concentrated sulfuric acid can be made from 6-8㎜ thick carbon steel plate) FRP tanks have a wide range of applications, because of high brittleness and low toughness When used as a transport tank, the tank body should not be large. Aluminum cans are the best choice for carrying liquid nitric acid. Stainless steel tanks have a wider range of applications, but are more expensive. The company has strong technical force, and can design and manufacture products that satisfy customers.

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